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Flags & Banners: Artists & Flags

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Eric N. Mack  

*This artists exhibited in the Douglas Hyde Gallery in 2022

Flag Like! Textiles / Painting / Installation


Magnhild Øen Nordahl


Dit, 2012. Flag, 145x200 cm

The title "Dit» translates to «There» and the work combines the clarity of the sign with the unpredictability of the wind to create an ambiguous message for passers-by in the city.

Dit is part of an extensive project curated by Randi Grov Berger/ Entreé in which artists were invited to create their own flag designs for display in various locations. Dit was part of the initial series of flags and has been shown in Entreé and Bergen city center, Stavanger Kunsthall and Tromsø Kunstforening in Norway, and at the Performa Biennial in NYC amongst other places


Armando Lulaj, 

Torch (2001–31) is a kind of polyptych of maceration, a compendium of the roles that flags can have in the construction, and more often in the destruction, of a territorial identity, the profanation of a symbol based on a counterfeit idea of the sacred. 

Presentation on Flags

Artists using Flags


Grayson Perry


Danh Vo’s She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene (2009). Collection Chantal Crousel, photo: Jean-Daniel Pellen, Paris.  © Danh Vo, courtesy of the Guggenheim.  Research: Guardian Article 



Fante textile artists have been creating Asafo flags for at least three hundred years. Asafo were originally military organizations, but today they perform more civic duties