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Flags & Banners: Flags & Banners

Flags & Banners


Flags & Banners

Flags have been traditionally used as a statement of communication - In the science of symbols and meanings, semantics, the word 'banner'  the original term for flag is a collective term that contains two meanings;

  • Latin- 'Bandum' meaning image
  • Gothic 'Bandwa' - meaning symbol.' (Peter Frank, Flags and Art, Gran Pavese, 1988)

Words associated with flags & the history of flags: Heraldry, Coat of arms,  Emblems, Symbols, Representation, Banner. 

Uses: Maritime, Nationalism, Peace, Protest


  • National Flags   
  • ​​​​​​​Banners & Streamers
  • Protest Flags & Peace
  • Maritime Flags
  • Flags as Emblems: Pride /  Asafo Flag