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Anthropology: Library Resources

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Anthropology is the scientific study of humans, human behavior and societies in the past and present. Social anthropology studies patterns of behavior and cultural anthropology studies cultural meaning, including norms and values. Linguistic anthropology studies how language influences social life. Traditionally, the anthropology of art has tended to focus on the interpretation of tribal artifacts.

Artists: Susan Hiller, Rimer Cardillo, Abdel Hernández, Anthony Luvera, Kathryn Ramey, Brad Butler and Karen Mizra, Kate Hennessy and Jennifer Deger


Below is a list of useful shelf numbers for books, pamphlets and catalogues in the library that will be useful for your assignments. The Library Discovery Catalogue online is available for searching and reserving items.

306           Cultural Studies

320.5        Politics        

709.04      Art Theory

770.92      Photography   

808.02      Reference and Citation