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Street Art: Street Art


Inside this guide, you will find books, online links and helpful tips for researching Street Art. This guide will covers 2 areas: political murals and graffiti. You will find more topics related to the subject of Street Art under the tab: Further Research

Street Murals: Political / Activism; Click on images for more information. 


Image Archives

Below is a link to 'Street Art' image archive, Street Art Utopia and to Artstor

By Levalet in Paris, France. (2018)CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Title: Dir Action -- Dressed To Misbehave Sticker, 2009
Berlin, Germany.  Source: St. Lawrence University Street Art Graphics Digital Archive

Full Reference: Artstor.


Top Pick and keywords


Manco, Tristan (2016) Make your Mark, The New Urban Artists.  London: Thames and Hudson. ISBN:9780500292181. Shelf mark: 751.73/MAN

Street Art Research 

Murals, Tagging, Fonts, Spay-can
Street Craft, Public Art, Art in the Public Realm, Political Art, Activist Installation  Public Art Intervention, Installation